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eCovenantStreams can acquire video from numerous sources including cameras, switchers and iOS devices.



eCovenantStreams sends video to the cloud and optimizes it so that viewers anywhere can watch the stream live.



eCovenantStreams gives your viewers a professional experience on any device.


Live Streaming for Churches

You pour your heart into your ministry; wouldn’t it be great if there were a way for your message to touch more lives?

This is where eCovenant Streams comes in.

By live video streaming and archiving your Sunday services, Bible studies, church meetings, weddings and funerals, you can connect with your members even when they can’t be there.

eCovenant Streams Live Streaming

A fully equipped streaming solutions and month to month pricing, eCovenant Streams gives a streaming solution that allows reaching web, mobile and TV devices simultaneously.

Video Hosting

eCovenant Streams is a simple yet flexible solution to stream live video on a website. The live stream hosting platform is designed with a streaming as a service approach. eCovenant Streams gives professional tools and utilities through cloud computing. It uses two content delivery networks to reach worldwide audiences.

Live Streaming

Deliver broadcast quality live high-quality 1080p live streaming to any device, anywhere in the world, as if they are in the next room. Location is no longer your limitation. Easily integrate the live stream into your own website through our white-label embeddable player.

Video On-Demand

Don't let video-sharing sites steal your audience. Place your videos on your own website using your own brand and without ads, banners or backlinks. Let your audience focus exclusively on your content and nothing else.

ECovenant Streams Player

We have worked diligently to provide you with one of the best players available. Fully Responsive, Sub-second Scrubbing, Automatic video-loss fallback, sharing, go-to-live and more all packed into one player. Plus, you can embed it straight on your website or mobile app!

100% Ad Free

Churches love our 100% Ad free video streaming solution so they don’t have to worry about what their members see, unlike other video services. As soon as you broadcast, the video will play for the visitor, showing no ads before or after the service/event.

Plays On All Devices

Our live streaming video platform supports both live broadcasts and on-demand videos for Apple iOS and Android devices via an HTML5 player.